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Yamaha Fish Stall (雅马哈鱼档)(1984)

Yamaha Fish Stall  (雅马哈鱼档)
Dir: Liang Zhang
Cast: Tianxi Zhang, Zhijian Li, Liyi Yang, Ruiping Xu, Jian Shi, Jinshang Huang
Plot: The movie tells the story of 3 fellows who are trying to make a living in the early 80s. These guys who are not that good at business try their best in order to achive something from their life...but they are not alone..
Year: 1984
Mainland China 
Notes: A movie about everyday life in GuangZhou that doesn't differ to much from the same genre films from HK, where people could relate with the characters of the flick. Yamaha Fish Stall won ,at the 5th China Golden Rooster Award, the Best Art Award.
Personal opinion: We have the dvd (official mainland) but to tell the truth we still have to watch it, so we just can tell you from what we saw that the movie genre is kinda of "everyday life" . As soon as we watch the movie, we will add a better opinion
Some stills:

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