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Chinese Police Women (中国霸王花)(1989)

Chinese Police Women (中国霸王花)
Dir:Yiqun Gong, Xiaomin Wang
Cast: Jing Zhang, Yitian Zhou, Xia Li, Zhaohui Min
Plot: A bunch of girls join the Chinese military force in order to improve their martial arts skills and to protect the chinese population...becoming the "Tyrant Flower" (霸王花).
Year: 1989
Country: Mainland China
Trailer (Editing by us, Source Material: Original Mainland Dvd):
Notes: The film actually has some communist propaganda stuff but the action is worth your time (Check the trailer). The movie mixes military training (male and female's) with some intensive martial arts training sequences. Moreover, this mainland flick provides the viewers with some kind of HK urban action. Chinese Police Women won the 1989-1990 Broadcast television ministry's for the outstanding film awards, furthermore it won the third price at the third Harbin Winter festivla (1991).
Personal Opinion: Besides to what we already told you on the notes, we want to add what are our thoughts regarding this movie. Since it's not a pure martial arts/urban action flick, most of the viewers could think that it's just a different communist film, well you are wrong. We do give you that there are some communist propaganda stuff in it, but if you can look over this you will find a movie about friendship,honor and suffering in order to achieve the status of "Tyrant Flower" (霸王花). We like it really much, we have never been annoyed or bored by the movie, moreover it was quite entertaining on watching the training sessions,the martial arts ones (really good coreography) and the urban actions ones... don't be afraid of the communist stuff, just focus on the movie and you will like it.
Some snapshots (source: official mainland dvd):

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