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Wu Dang (武当)(1983)

Wu Dang (武当)

Dir: Sun Sha
Cast: Lam Chuen , Changjun Zhao , Yuwen Li , Zhenbang Ma , Yali Tang , Zhiguo Zang , YingHai Mao , Yong Yang , Qiurong Zhao ,Jianming Sun , Changwen Xu , Xiaozhong Wang
Year: 1983
Country: Mainland China
Set in  19° century, China is invaded by the Japanese. In the town called Zhong Zhou, five samurais took over the entire city thanks to the corrupted natives and ,of course, thanks to their strength.
A lot of kung fu masters are killed, but the Japanese give another chance to the locals in a death match. Unfortunately, also this event was corrupted and the son of a master, who were seeking vengeance, got killed..
His sister Wu JingJIng (Yali Tang) and Si Ma Jian (Changjun Zhao) will try to achieve justice for the Chinese..
Notes: Changjun Zhao was a real martial artist and he was casting in some HK movies as well. Zhao was Jet Li's opponent in a lot of competitions and he was defeated twice by Jet Li (who was 2 years younger). In 1995 he was elected "Chinese Martial Arts Star" (中华武星) from the Chinese Wushu Association e the National Education Committee.
About Yali Tang, this one was her first and last movie.
Personal Opinion: Wu Dang was the second mainland movie we watched in our enitre life, the first one was Shaolin Temple. We were really impressed by Wu Dang , the coreography, the martial arts sequences, the actors..everything was over the top, there was nothing that we didn't enjoy. Looking back today, we still think that this kung fu movie should be in every kungfu fan collection because there is no excuses not to like a flick like this. We loved so much this movie that we also bought the original mainland poster because we think Wu Dang deserves more than an official unsubbed (luckly we speak a bit of chinese) mainland dvd.

Some snapshots (source: official mainland dvd) :

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