sabato 23 ottobre 2010

Flying Centipede (飞天蜈蚣)(1994)

Flying Centipede (飞天蜈蚣)
Dir: Sun Qingguo
Cast: Qu Ying, Wu Gang, Ge Sha
Plot: The police seemes not to be able to catch a group of robbers known as "Flying Centipede". Then the police put on the case the detective Ouyang Long to assist the police force. During the investigation, Ouyang Long realize that the whole police is involved....
Year: 1994
Country: Mainland China 
Notes: The movie has been released on vcd (gzbeauty) in Mainland China, it doesn't carry any english subs.The chinese title means exactly Flying Centipede. The director just made 3 movies in his entire life, on the other hand,Qu Ying had some roles in movies like Fight For Justice (决战枭雄) (2004) and Zhang Yimou's  Keep Cool (有话好好说)(1997).
Personal opinion: One of the few examples of "criminal wearing costumes" movie from China. You can see him/her fly all over the places, shoot while flying...we are sure that if you like this kind of movie ,you will like this flick as well.
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  1. Potrebbe essere il primo tokusatsu dalla cina! Incredibile.. Grazie per la notizia..

  2. oh si chiamano così? non si smette mai di imparare ^^