sabato 30 ottobre 2010

The heroine of tianhu lake (天湖女侠)(1988)

The heroine of tianhu lake (天湖女侠)

Dir:  Zhao Weiheng, Qiao Keji
Cast: He Yan,Wang Jianjun, Qiu Yunsun,Chen Xiaolou, Liu Feng, Xu Xueli,Li Xuelin,Peng Wencong
Plot: At the end of the Qing dinasty, in order to protect a tresure from the foreigners, a girl will fight back..
Year: 1988
Country: Mainland China 
Trailer (Edit by us (source Official Mainland vcd))
Notes: The movie has been released in China on vcd (gzbeauty) without english subtitles.The poster u see above is from our personal collection. About the cast, we couldnt fint anything on them, it seems that their last and only movie is this one.  If you have some other info, pls share with us. Thank you.
Personal opinion: The flick is definitely worth your time. The story might not be really "new", but the fights are worth and the main actress is priceless. There is some wirework involved but who cares? Actors/actresses will show you their skill with or without them.. 
Some snapshots (source: official mainland vcd):

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  1. Good movie mif had English and all the peoples names.

  2. yeah wish they knew all the stars in this. So might be good to watch. need other Countries language's also.