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Godly Beggar (神丐)(1987)

Godly Beggar (神丐)
Dir: Gao Tianhong, Wang Dankui
Cast: Li Xida, Hu Yingjie, Wang Qun, Zhang Bin
Plot: Once upon a time there was young Yanglu Chan, degraded into slavery and robbery, who at last became the Yang Tai Chi master..this is his story
Year: 1987
Country: Mainland China
Notes: The movie has been released in China on dvd (gzbeauty) without english subtitles. The director Gao Tianhong also directed another kung fu movie called Magical Dragon Sword Warrioress Lu Siniang (神龙剑侠吕四娘)(1989), which is released by the same company in China, along with Heroing Lu siniang (风尘女侠吕四娘) (1988), which has not been released yet.
Personal opinion: A good entertaining kung fu movie from China, the story is quite interesting and the coreography (the most important part in a kung fu movie in our opinion) is worth your time. If you like oldschool kung fu movies from HK/TW you will love this mainland flick as well.
Some snapshots (source: official mainland dvd):

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