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QTKM (青铜狂魔)(1994)

QTKM (青铜狂魔)

Dir: Gu Jing
Cast: Chu Zhibo, Dongfang Fangwen, Liu Zhibing
Plot:What`s the reason behind the transformation of a psychopathic archaeologist into a serial killer? An old relic could be the answer,along with an ancient myth..
Year: 1994
Country: Mainland China 
Notes: The movie has been released on vcd (gzbeauty) in Mainland China, it doesn't carry any english subs.QTKM stands for 青铜狂魔 (Qingtong Kuang Mo),which letteraly means Crazy Bronze Demon.
Personal opinion: Even though we didn't actually watch the movie, after read the plot and then watched a brief clip on the internet, we sure want to see what this movie can offer. The plot seems interesting and really different from other mainland's flicks since it involves a demon and an ancient myth, something that you don't see very often in old chinese movie. We think this QTKM would be worth our and your time.
Some snapshots (source: vcd):


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