lunedì 24 dicembre 2012

Merry xmas folks!

I wish you all a merry xmas!
I gotta work today but tonite i might have time to watch a movie... yeah, no kung fu though..the classic xmas movie ever: Home Alone.

I know that blog updates are rare but I am pretty busy, and watching a movie is a luxury that recently I didnt have. Moreover, my gf doesnt like this kinda of movies...
Lets hope it will get better.


giovedì 13 dicembre 2012

New arrivals!

I have been pretty busy recently.. my dad coming over, my own stuff and my job. Damn, I m tired!
But that`s not the reason I m writing this post... the reason is that I got some new stuff in my collection.
2 posters and 1 VHS.. oh yeah I found a guy with lots of videotapes and he has some really interesting/rare stuff.
Let`s start with one poster.

Massacre in Nanjing (屠城血证)(1987)

 The movie is about the Nanajing Massacre. I didn`t have the chance to watch the movie yet but it`s been released on dvd so, one day I will pick it up.

And now let`s show you my gems. I recently got the luck to buy the original vhs and poster of one of my favorite movie of all the time: Little Heroes (自古英雄出少年)(1983). Here we go:

I am so freakin happy to own those. The movie is just awesome and I was looking for that poster for a long time.
Like them? I sure do!