lunedì 29 novembre 2010

Woman Anti-drug Fighter (缉毒少女)(1992)

 Woman Anti-drug Fighter (缉毒少女)
Dir: Shi Xian
Cast: Wang LiSha, Pang Yan, Yan Dake
Plot:Settled in the 30s, an ethnic minority leads are into smuggling opium, murderers and drugs. A military group decide to eradicate this group, so they started to burn down lots of opium and ambushed lots of criminals,but something goes wrong and revenge is the only result....
Year: 1992
Country: Mainland China 
Notes: The movie has not been released in China yet, just some screening on cctv et simila. As far as the director is concerned, Shi Xian made a martial arts flick 2years before Woman Anti-drug Fighter called  Tiger Fight (夺虎连环计), and some other flicks which are not worth mentioned. The cast is not that famous either..we have Wang LiSha who starred in Robber in Baling (巴陵窃贼)(1987) [martial arts], the other two mentioned in the credits just made some flicks that nobody is interested in.
Personal opinion: Another movie that didn't get released anywhere in the whole world, another movie we want to see so badly.Maybe just because it's so unknown and the story line seems qute interesting, but from what we saw on the internet would be worth our time.
Some snapshots (source: mainland screening):

mercoledì 24 novembre 2010

Revenge (报仇)(1993)

Revenge (报仇)(1993)
Dir:  Chong Yan Gin
Cast:  Zhang Feng Yi,Lau Shek Ming,Wong Hap,Choi Wang,Alexander Lo Rei,Teddy Yip Wing Cho,Tsui Man Wah,Cheung Kin Li
Plot: Chou Feng and Nie Fei are two good friends. They came to Shanghai to look for a new life, but during the trip they menaged to enter the Hong Men secret society. Nie Fei is hard working and in order to save a girl from being raped by a foreign, he kills the man. Although it was Nie Fei who killed the man, the man found guilty was his friend, Chou Feng. In order to pay the bail, Nie Fei will do anything, so he tries to get from a Japanese a stroll and sell it to the secret society. Unfortunately Nie Fei loses his life, and Chou Feng will seek for revenge..
Year: 1993
Country: Mainland China / Taiwan
Trailer (Edit by us (source Official Mainland dvd):
Notes: This movie got released in mainland China in two editions: dvd and vcd [by GZbeauty]. Both of them are in mandarin with no subs. It was released also in HK on vcd with the title Revanchist (the vcd is oop now). This version has only cantonese as soundtrack and eng/chi subtitles burned in. The director didnt make a lot of movies, but the cast is well known. Zhang Feng Yi acted in movies like Red Cliff (赤壁), Soccer Heroes (京都球侠), The Emperor and the Assassin (荆轲刺秦王). Lau Shek Ming had a good carrer in the HK film industry with movies like Zen Of Sword (俠女傳奇), The Black Morning Glory (疊影驚情). We also have the Taiwanese Choi Wang whose career in HK is remarkable with movies such as The Brave Archer (射鵰英雄傳) and The Shaolin Avengers (方世玉與胡惠乾).
Personal opinion: We bought this movie just because of the poster, we didnt even know what it was about. We saw a guy with a sword ,so we decided to get it. The movie is pure HK style, it doesn't seem from mainland China. More or less all the fights are helped with wires, expect some scenes at the end. If you like Yuen Woo-ping movies u will like this one as well. The only thing we didn't like about the wires was during the bullet ballet scenes. We must admit that we are not really fond of this kind of things, for us bullet ballet should be "realistic" , ok being extreme and such, but the wires (at least this time) were really too much. It's just us, maybe you guys will appreciate this.
The ending is easy to anticipate, but we won't spoil it to you.  Overall this flick is average, nothing special but give it a shot if u have the chance.
Some snapshots (source: official mainland dvd):



domenica 21 novembre 2010

Red Revenge (红姑寨恩仇记) (1988)

Red Revenge (红姑寨恩仇记) 
Dir:  Ji-shun Duan
Cast:  Mingming Zhang, Hua Zhu, Dahua Xiong, Min Tian, Xiujie Liu, Jian Li, Ruolei Liu, Zongluo Huang, Gengchen Jiang
Plot:At the end of the Ming dynasty,the government authorities were corrupt, the people have no means of livelihood. Hong Gu (Mingming Zhang) at the Guo Jia acrobatics center finds out the her grandfather has been chased to kill, fortunately the kind heart son of an high official rescue him from danger. But the danger is still there,waiting to strike against them again....
Year: 1988
Country: Mainland China 
Notes: The movie has not been released on any legit dvd/vcds in Mainland China (only broadcasted on CCTV).  As far as the director is concerned, He just directed this martial arts movie, his other works are just social dramas. The cast more or less is the same, Mingming Zhang just starred in this martial arts flick,her other works are nothing like it. For Hua Zhu, Red revenge is the only kungfu movie he starred in; Ruolei Liu starred in some war movies against he japanese. Overall none of them made through the martial arts film industry.
Personal opinion: Well since there is no legit release, we still have to watch it, but as soon as we get in China things will change (thx cctv!). From the really few informations we found on the net ,Red Revenge seems an ordinary martial arts flick. If you guys have some other infos feel free to post them!
Another official mainland poster:
A still found on the net:

martedì 16 novembre 2010

The Ruthless Eunuch (东厂喋血)(1988)

The Ruthless Eunuch (东厂喋血)
Dir: Mei Yu, Ren Ke
Cast: Du Yulu, Liang Boluo, Li Ying
Plot: End of the Ming dynasty, Wei Zhongxian takes over all the power. Yang Lian ( a scholar who represents the East forestry) accepts to take a journey to the south, but Wei Zhongxian hires "Black Monkey" as assassin in order to stop Yang Lian who is investigating about Wei Zhongxian's crimes. Deep in the night Yang Lian is assaulted but luckily he was saved by Shen Jianmei...
Year: 1988
Country: Mainland China 
Notes: The movie has not been released on any legit dvd/vcds in Mainland China (only broadcasted on CCTV). For both directors this is the only and last martial arts movie they directed. The same goes for the cast.
Personal opinion: A really unknown martial arts flick. We came across this title while surfing the net and the poster caught our attention (we really like this kind of posters). So we began to search more infos as possible about this flick, unfortunately there is none. We hope that it will get a legit release soon because as far as we saw it s quite worth it.
Some snapshots:

domenica 14 novembre 2010

The Disclple Of The Shaolin Temple (少林寺弟子)(1983)

The Disclple Of The Shaolin Temple (少林寺弟子)
Dir: Jiyou Yang
Cast: Lan Ding, Hong Jin, Jianguo Nie, Yi Cui
Plot:The theatrical troupe of the Hong family ,which earns money thanks to their daughter Cai Yun,reach Kaifeng's temple in order to perform in front of the prime minister. Because of the beauty of the girl some troubles accured and the theatrical troupe's head gets wounded and a brutal attack begins...the girls got rescued by Li ZhongZhou, and took at the Shaolin Temple where the training and revenge begins...
Year: 1983
Country: Mainland China 
Notes: The movie has not been released on any legit dvd/vcds in Mainland China but in the US has been released by Tai Seng on dvd (english dubbing only). On the "picture story-book" there are some english subs so we assume that the original movie has traditional chinese/english burned in subtitles. The director just made two flicks ,this and a war/drama movie called The Marquis Guan Yu (1989), nothing else. The cast in the other hand did some remarkable martial arts flicks: Lan Ding starred in Shaolin Temple (1982) and its sequel Kids from Shaolin (1983) and  Lucky 13 (侠女十三妹)(1986); Jianguo Nie starred in Generals Of The Yang Family (1984), a war movie. Discipline Of has been shown on the chinese channel CCTV6, pity there is no legit edition available yet. The movie is also known as Shaolin Brothers.
Personal opinion: Since there is no mandarin language legit release (we don't like dubbed stuff) we still have to watch it, as soon as we catch this movie on CCTV we re definitely going to watch it. As far as we can see from the "picture story-books", the movie seems worth our time, the martial arts sequences seem pretty well-made..check it out if you have the chance.
Here the original Chinese 16mm:
Some scans from our books (they are more rare than stills/snapshots):

giovedì 11 novembre 2010

Deadly Fury (武林志)(1983)

Deadly Fury (武林志)
Dir: Zhang Huaxun
Cast: Zhang Yungxi, Li Junfeng, Li Deyu
Plot: This movie is about China's martial arts, integrety, prestige but not violence. Dongfang Xu (Junfeng Li) has ambitions, he wants to protect chinese honor and he doesn't care about his life or his death. He will try everything to defeat the Russian wrestler.
Year: 1983
Country: Mainland China 
Trailer (Edit by us (source Official Mainland dvd)
Notes: The movie has been released in China on dvd and vcd by GZ Beauty,both of them doesnt carry any subs. Like other movies from that period of time, also "Deadly Fury" was pubblished in some kind of books. These books are called Lianhuanhua, it can be translated as "picture story-book" and they tells the movie through pics (directly from the film) and a small text that describes the scenes. Especially for this flick there were a lot of versions, we have one of them (you can check some pics on our memorabilia post and below).

Personal opinion: We discovered this movie browsing randmonly on some chinese websites. Then we searched a lot on the web and we found out that it was available on dvd. We can tell that it's another little gem that must be discovered by every kung fu fan. The martial art scenes are very good and the story is interesting. Junfeng Li had a role in another kung fu flick called Lucky 13 (侠女十三妹)(1986). Everything works great here, and if you are like us and you want to see what Mainland Kung Fu movies were back in those days... check it out!
Some scans from our books (they are more rare than stills/snapshots):