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The Magic Legs (无敌鸳鸯腿)(1988)

The Magic Legs (无敌鸳鸯腿)
Dir:Wenhua Li
Cast: Xiling Zhang, Chi Wang,Qun Wang, Qiufu Tao,Guang Li
Plot: During the Qing dinasty (Chao Zhou)Hei Sha Zhang (Chi Wang) and their buddies took over the NanZhu Temple where they abducted girls for selling purpose. One day, Wu Lao Die (Qiufu Tao) and his nephew Wu Jia Tai (Qun Wang) went to the temple and they caught the bastards. Unfortunately during the fight Wu Lao Die was killed by Hei Sha Zhang. Wu Jia Tai started to look for the killer and then he met Fen Lan (Xiling Zhang), and thanks to her help and her father's technique (Magic Legs) (Guang Li), they will succeed but at what price..
Year: 1988
Mainland China
Trailer (Editing by us, Source Material: Original Mainland Dvd):
Notes: This movie has been released somewhere with english/chinese subtitles (maybe a taiwanese vcd). The original mainland release doesn't carry any subs. About the movie itself, besides martial arts it shows us a bit of chinese opera.
Personal opinion: If you like Golden Harvest and Shaw Brothers kung fu movies, you will love this mainland's too. The film has the classic kungfu plot..vengeance.. a master gets killed and let's the vengeace begins! The real reason we enjoy gong fu movies is not because of their plots but duo to their stunts and martial arts scenes, and thanks god this "Magic Legs" provides the viewers with outstanding martial arts coreography and long well-made stunts; but of course it has some flawless, the first one is the really doesn't fit the movie; the second is the director choice on filming the ending battle on two different beaches....anyhow, this movie is worth the viewers time.
Some snapshots (source: official mainland dvd):

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