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Strange Love of a Ghost (幽魂奇恋) (1992)

Strange Love of a Ghost (幽魂奇恋) 
Dir: Qiu Lili
Cast: Dong Xiaoyan, Wang Zhigang, Xu Xiaojian
Plot:This love ghost story reflects the suffering of a ghost living in a world that doesn't belong to it, there is no evil,there is just ghosts... in an inn, where business is growing up day by day, something evil occured, a robbery and a murder..from that moment on the inn is won't be a peaceful place anymore..
Year: 1992
Country: Mainland China 
Notes: The movie has not been released on any legit format in mainlad china, just broadcasting over and over on cctv6. The director also directed the war movie dated 1992 called "Generous Hero"(仗义英雄). As far as the cast in concerned, the only one who actually starred in other particular mainland production is Xiaojian Xu, who acted in movies like Slaughter In Xian (西安杀戮)(1987),The river dragon (过江龙)(1987)[we re going to review this one really soon [is available on official mainland dvd]] and  in Da Shanghai 1937 (大上海1937)(1986).
Personal opinion: Unfortunately we just some clips on the internet taken from the television broadcast, and it seems a pretty good and interesting movie. It's quite rare to see something like this from China so we are really looking forward to see it...Since it's a rare mainland flick we bought the original chinese poster few months ago (you can see it above)..might not be "A chinese ghost story" but still, we think, worth our time.
Some snapshots (source: television broadcast):

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