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Suo ming fei dao (索命飞刀)(1991)

Suo ming fei dao (索命飞刀)
DirShiming Ji , Zhongming Liu
Cast: Chen Qi, Kou Zhenhai, Wang Gang, Hou Shuang, Zhang Dehui
Plot: Dou Erdun's sister rely on her unique skill with knifes in order to get revenge over Huang Tianba, who killed her brother.
Year: 1991
Country: Mainland China 
Trailer (Edit by us (source Official Mainland dvd))
Notes: The movie has been released in China on vcd (gzbeauty) without english subtitles.
Personal opinion: We really like movies where the lead role is played by a girl/woman, it's been since "Come drink with me" (Shaw Brothers) that we're fond of this kind of flick. It's always a joy to see a girl who fights lots and lots of villains. This movie is not different, we have a lot of fights (some helped with wires for jumps and stuff) , a story of vengeance, nothing new nothing bad. Check it out if you have the chance.
Some snapshots (source: official mainland vcd):

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