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Warriors of China (中国勇士)(1990)

Warriors of China (中国勇士)
Dir: Wang Xue Xin
Cast: Li Yun Juan, Geng Min Shan, Du Zhen Qing, Zheng Rong
Plot: a terrorist group kidnapped a nuclear physician with all his family, the chinese government sends some soldier to rescue them..
Year: 1990
Mainland China 
Intro (Source Material: Original Mainland VcD): :
Notes: It's kinda of filippino-guerrila movie with a lot of gunfights ,some martial arts sequences as well as some violence. It's set in an unknown country (probably Laos or Vietnam or whatever) and provides some native rituals that we have never seen before. About the cast, most of the actors are unknow,for instance Minshan Xing worked in a mainland movie called Inside an old grave (古墓荒斋)(1990), Zhenqing Du just worked in military movies, Yunjuan Li worked in movies such as Women Warriors (莽女追魂)(1990) and Ma suzhen takes reveenge (马素贞复仇记)(1988).As far as the director is concerned, he did another military flick called Devils and the Cross (十字架下的魔影)(1994). The movie is available only on vcd (no subs).
Personal Opinion: We re not big fans of this genre, so we didn't like this movie that much. Lot's of green,lot's of mercenaires/terrorists, lot's of jungle's gunfights..but thats it. If you like this kind of movie you might like this flick too, but if you don't, well just skip it.
Some snapshots (source: official mainland vcd):

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