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Adventures of the Little Monks (少林好小子)(1994)

Adventures of the Little Monks (少林好小子)
Dir: Yuan Fang, Yuan Yingming
Cast: Li Meng, Zhu Yin, Guo Jinan, Li li li
Plot: Invited by the Americans, Shaolin martial artists and their Shifu , on the way to their destination forgot at the hotel the kiddo...and the research begins..
Year: 1994
Country: Mainland China 
Intro (Editing by us, Source Material: Television):  
Notes: This movie has been released on vcd (gzbeauty) and dvd (boing!) in Mainland China, both of them doesn't carry any english subs.
Personal opinion: Have you ever watched a movie called "龍在少林"? A really bad HK-TW co-production features Yuan Biao, also known as Dragon from shaolin (1996)? Well, this 少林好小子 is more or less the same genre.. lots of fights, lots of shaolin monks, lots of kids, lots of humor... If you hated 龍在少林 as much as we did, you might give 少林好小子 a chance.
Some snapshots (source: cctv6):

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  1. Congratulation for this marvelous new blog guys! Hope to learn more about the cinema from there. Also, the pictures and posters you added a really a good insight.

  2. hey thx pal! we will try our best to make this cinema known to more ppl as possible hehe
    we really like ur blog too, we think that old korean cinema has a lot to offer, and u provides lots and lots of infos about that!