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Fate and Consequence (武僧)(2007)

Fate and Consequence (武僧)

Dir: He Wei; Chow Jan-Wing
Cast: Fan Siu Wong, Mao Zhi-Qiang, Yuan Wen-Ting, Liang Feng,| Xu Caigen, Lam Wai
Plot: The son of the emperor has been rescued and sent to the Shaolin Temple. Ten years later, Yang Wu (Fan Siu Wong), is looking for him in order to get him back to the throne...unfortunately it won't be that easy..
Year: 2007
Country: Mainland China 
Notes: Action coreography by Yuen Bo (Angel Terminators 2 ,PTU). The only edition available is the mainland one which doesnt carry any subs, just simplified or traditional chinese.
Personal opinion: We know that this flick is a bit too new, and it might not fit in our blog "policy" but we really liked it and we think that it deserves its place in here. The fighting scenes are pure old school kungfu, there is really really really little of wires work, and a lot of skills from each actors. The star of the gory "The story of ricky" provides in this kungfu movie that he still knows how to kick ass (if you don't know,we're talking about Fan siu Wong). Don't worry from now on we will just write about 80/90s movies,this one,along with another one (in the next few days you will find out), is just a special event.
Some snapshots (source: official mainland dvd):

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