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Codename Cougar (代号美洲豹) (1988)

Codename Cougar (代号美洲豹) 
Dir: Yimou Zhang, Fengliang Yang
Cast: You Ge, Li Gong, Xiaoning Liu, Rongguang Yu, Xueqi Wang, Yazhou Yang
Plot: A plain, loaded with taiwanese businessmen has been hijacked by terrorists, landed in mainland China. An anti-terrorism squad is formed to save the hostages with the cooperation of Mainland China and Taiwan...
Year: 1988
Mainland China 
Notes: It was screened in Japan in the 11/11/1989, and most of the critics thought that this Code Name: Cugar is one of the worst movie ever made by Zhang Yimou. At the end, this little known Chinese flick seemes to pay a tribute to the American movie called Apocalypse Now. Furthermore, this movie provides a kinda of  HK's bullet ballet feeling because of the amount of gun fights and killing involved.
Personal opinion: To tell the truth, we agree with the critics..the movie actually is not that good. It's not because of the actors or the plot theirselves but the whole thing just doesn't provides anything more than a blend bulletballet/terrorist movie. It's not a really soft movie either, there is some kind of politics issue in it ( duo to some sentences that You Ge (cant remember the name of the character on the movie) screams against the chinese (mainlanders) ) that gives you the feeling that this movie is not properly a mainland flick,but is. Either you watch it or not,it won't change you life..
Some snapshots (source: official mainland Dvd):

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