sabato 31 marzo 2012

New flicks coming!

I just ordered a bunch of mainland flicks from the 90s.. can't wait to get them.
Some are co-productions between HK and China some are 100% chinese ( lol ).
So my next update will be........

giovedì 8 marzo 2012

Eight-diagrams Lotus Palm (八卦莲花掌)(1987)

Eight-diagrams Lotus Palm (八卦莲花掌)
Dir:  Zhongming Liu || Shida Ma
Cast: Guoli Zhang, Hui Dong, Jun Lu, Zhenbang Ma, Weimin Jin
Plot:  One day the young martial artist Xiaogang encounters a fierce tiger in the forest.Luckily he was saved by an old man. Wang Lan, the kid's mother, is sure that the move used to kill the tiger is the lost "Lotus Palm". The woman begins to rememebr her past life with two boys and a master. Is it possible that the old man is her long lost lover and friend?
Year: 1987
Country: Mainland China
Notes:  The movie is available in China on dvd and vcd, both without english subtitles. The movie is also known as "A lost skill".
This is the only martial art movie directed by these two directors. Guoli Zhang is a really famous tv actor here in China and , as far as i know, this is his old kung fu flick. Jun Lu also stared in Kung Fu Hero Wang Wu (大刀王五).
Personal opinion:  Gotta admit this: I was disappointed by the movie. There is too much drama and not much kung fu. The story is told through flashbacks, but the pace of the flick is too slow. I lost interest in the story in less than 30min. The action scenes were pretty awesome but the whole movie was really uninteresting. 
To be completely honest with you, only 20-30min of it are worth your time.Wanna skip it? Do it. Ah, btw, the fight with the tiger at the beginning is hilarious (something similar to Game of death 2/Tower of death)
Some snapshots from the dvd :

lunedì 5 marzo 2012

New posters and lobbies!

Oh yeah, i finally got some new stuff (two more on the way). Some lobbies and of course posters.

Yao's Young Warriors (岳家小将)(1983) 

Ghost in the church (圣殿幽魂)(1989)

Betrayal and Revenge (天国恩仇)(1986)

 Princess Fragrance (戈壁恩仇录)(1987)

The Stunt Men (神龙特技队)(1988)

Uniqeill Of Cangzhou (沧州绝招)(1991)

 The next update will be a trailer/review and the two missing posters. Stay tune!