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The Magic Braid (神鞭)(1986)

The Magic Braid (神鞭)
Dir: Zien Zhang
Cast: Baoguo Chen , Yawei Wang, Shouli Xu , Yan Zhang , Xing Zheng
Plot: During the late Qing Dynasty, thanks to his skills with his long braid Sha'er is a well known fighter all over the country. He will have to fight against the foreigners in order to defend his own country, China..
Year: 1986
Country: Mainland China 
Trailer (Editing by us, Source Material: Original Mainland Dvd):  
Notes: This movie is based on the novel by Ping Ji Cai (冯骥才). It's one of the few flick where you can see how to use a braid to defeat the opponents. It's set during the boxer rebellion. The poster above is from our personal collection. The movie is available on dvd from China (official release) with english subtitles.
Personal opinion: We must admit that the movie has some flaws such as a lot of dead moments. On the other hand it shows some really outstanding martial arts scenes, especially thanks to the skill of Yawei Wang.
When the movie arrives to the battle between the Chinese and the foreigners, the boredom arises. It's really way too long, we think that if they have shorted it a little bit ,the result would be much better. The only thing we appreciated of that was the music played as background.
Before the battle, there is a meeting/martial arts exhibition where you can see a guy that perform as the monkey king, just great!
Although with its flaws, the movie is worth your time both for the historical issue and for the martial art sequences that are top-notch.
Some snapshots (source: official mainland dvd):


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