lunedì 24 dicembre 2012

Merry xmas folks!

I wish you all a merry xmas!
I gotta work today but tonite i might have time to watch a movie... yeah, no kung fu though..the classic xmas movie ever: Home Alone.

I know that blog updates are rare but I am pretty busy, and watching a movie is a luxury that recently I didnt have. Moreover, my gf doesnt like this kinda of movies...
Lets hope it will get better.


giovedì 13 dicembre 2012

New arrivals!

I have been pretty busy recently.. my dad coming over, my own stuff and my job. Damn, I m tired!
But that`s not the reason I m writing this post... the reason is that I got some new stuff in my collection.
2 posters and 1 VHS.. oh yeah I found a guy with lots of videotapes and he has some really interesting/rare stuff.
Let`s start with one poster.

Massacre in Nanjing (屠城血证)(1987)

 The movie is about the Nanajing Massacre. I didn`t have the chance to watch the movie yet but it`s been released on dvd so, one day I will pick it up.

And now let`s show you my gems. I recently got the luck to buy the original vhs and poster of one of my favorite movie of all the time: Little Heroes (自古英雄出少年)(1983). Here we go:

I am so freakin happy to own those. The movie is just awesome and I was looking for that poster for a long time.
Like them? I sure do!

martedì 13 novembre 2012

A pool for all of you!

Here I am with a new post.
It`s not a review because I didn` t have time to watch any movies recently, but it`s a pool.
I put down a list of movies I have here with me and I give the chance to choose the next movie to be reviewed.
Movies are provided with English and Chinese title and poster.
Here we go:

1) 东方美女 Eastern Beauty (1989)

2) 大上海1937 Great Shanghai 1937 (1986)

3) 醉鬼张三 Legend Of The Drunken Tiger (1990)(the trailer I made is still available on youtube)

4)中俄列车大劫案 The train robbers (1995)

 5) 天国恩仇  Betrayal and Revenge (1986)

You can post a comment here or send me an email .
The deadline is in 2 weeks.

lunedì 12 novembre 2012

Finally... I m back!

I just bought a VPN so I finally can go on youtube and stuff without problems!
I m gonna upload something soon.
Stay tune.

mercoledì 10 ottobre 2012

The Little Black Box (黑匣喋血记)(1986)


The Little Black Box (黑匣喋血记)(1986)


Dir: Huang Zhong-shu
Cast: Han Zhikai,Wen Xitai, Zhang Anji, Tang Junliang
Plot: Eve of the 1911 revolution, the government is trying hard to kill all the revolutionaries. The rebels from Wu Chang send the martial arts master Jin Biao to Guangzhou in order to deliver some important documents. A traitor will try to stop him and get those papers..
Year: 1986
Mainland China 
Trailer (Source Material: Original Mainland Dvd):
Notes:  Released in East Germany with the name Das kleine schwarze Kästchen and in Spain on dvd with only Spanish audio, this flick became available recently on dvd in China. A big surprise waited me when I bought the movie: it has English subtitles forced in. Finally, a version with the original dub and accessible to every one. The director just made this action flick, his other works are just not suitable for this blog. On the other hand, Han Zhikai participated in movies like Arhats in Fury (八百罗汉)(1985) and Swords Meet (1988)( 天下第一剑).
Personal Opinion: while back (you can find our first brief review here in the blog, just browse it a little) we saw some scenes from the movie but now I had the chance, thanks to the dvd, to watch the full feature.
The story is pretty classic and simple: the government against the rebels. Most of the Chinese flicks are set during the Qing dynasty and this one is not an exception.
The fighting is pretty good, at least above average, the only thing I didn’t really like was the flying stuff. In my opinion they just didn’t fit there, especially for that stupid sound effect that goes along with them. When the guys (and the girl) are on the ground is price less, but on the air.. damn.
There is plenty of stuff that a martial art aficionado would love but maybe It just didn’t get me.
Overall, the movie is enjoyable and if you are in only for the fights, well, you can FF the dvd.

mercoledì 12 settembre 2012

Deadly Target (刑侦风云)

Deadly Target (刑侦风云)

Dir: Godfrey Ho / Phillip Ko
Cast: Oshima Yukari , Sharon Yeung Pan-Pan, John Cheung, Edu Manzano, Phillip Ko Fei
Plot: The Hk police force and the Mainland police force work together to stop one of the largest arms dealers in Asia.
Year: 1994
Mainland China 
Trailer (Source Material: Original Mainland Dvd):
Notes:  The movie is considered as a Filipino/Hk co-production by lots of people. On Chinese websites the movie is stated as Mainland production. I don’t know which version is true though. The print I have is the Mainland’s. I will spend some words about the dvd (I will talk about the movie later). The print used was in really bad condition, sometime the video just becomes like somebody peed on it, vintage feeling at its best. The movie was broadcasted on cctv with much higher resolution and quality. I am pretty sure the movie was released in HK on vcd or LD or vhs with English subtitles. Be aware that if you buy the Mainland vers. You won’t have English subs.
Personal Opinion: Here I am reviewing a movie from director Godfrey Ho (famous for Ninja movies) set in Manila. When I bought the movie I did not know anything about it, only that there was Oshima Yukari as one of the main protagonists. Let’s say this straight: the movie is bad. The story is nothing new, the acting is less than average, the action is… pretty decent, I admit that.
Both Oshima Yukari and Sharon Yeung show their skills with weapons and not, but the movie is something you do not want to scream about. I mean ,yeah, you have some good moments (thanks to those 2 girls), you have bullet ballet (cheap special effects), you have stupid comedy (the ladyboy saving the cop? Oh yes!), but the movie just did not take my interest, sometimes I just wanted to fast forward to see how it ended. You wanna skip it? Do it, you will not lose anything. You are a big Oshima Yukari fan? Give it a try, you might like it.
Some snapshots (source: official mainland dvd):

giovedì 12 luglio 2012

Loyal Hero (侠骨风流)(1992)

Loyal Hero (侠骨风流)
Dir: Hongsheng Li
Cast: Honglin Dong, Fengyi Yang, Honglin Dong, Keming Liu, Jian Zhao, XiaoYi Ding, Haihua Han

Plot:  It’s the end of the Tang dynasty, the country is on fire. Yuchi Gong (Honglin Dong) wants to join the army of Li Jiancheng and Li Yuanji. Unfortunately, he was disappointed by them and decided to join their enemy, Liu Wuzhou. The brothers Li heard that Liu’s wife and his sister-in law are two rare beauties so they decide to kidnap them.
Yuchi Gong succeed in rescuing them but Liu’s wife dies... The problems are not finished yet, the Li brothers found out about Yuchi’s wife and son and kidnap them..

Year: 1992
Country: Mainland China 

Trailer (edit by me from the original dvd ):
Notes:  The movie is released in China on dvd by Gzbeauty. This version does not have any subtitles and so the flick is really hard to follow without some mandarin knowledge. As far as I know, no other releases are available.
The director, Hongsheng Li, started his career with the great Rescued from desperation (绝处逢生)(1985). It seems that his last movie was Loyal Hero, I couldn't find further information about him.
Honglin Dong is not newcomer in this field, he starred in movies like Kung Fu Hero Wang Wu (大刀王五)(1985).
Fengyi Yang is not new too, this beauty starred in
Rescued from desperation (绝处逢生)(1985) (her first movie) and Deathat the Carefree Mansion (索命逍遥楼)(1990).
Personal opinion:  I was wondering what to buy next for our collection and I ended up buying this Loyal Hero, I didn't even know what was it about. Did I get lucky or unlucky? Let’s find out.
First of all, the movie is a historical drama set during the end of the Tang dynasty. The movie is full of names of people I ‘ve never heard about (I m pretty bad at Chinese ancient history), but I’ve been told that those people really existed.
I gotta say that most of the time when there was no action on screen , I got little bored from all those dialogues. Well, let’s not waste time on useless drama and let’s go to the action.
The movie is loaded with martial arts sequences; also the cooks can show a pretty damn good kung fu!
Weapons and fists everywhere, some wires but also a lot of physical skills. The fights are at normal speed although some are speeded up a little. I just loved when I saw the girl fight, her skills with the sword were outstanding.
One more thing before conclude this short review, at the beginning (you can see what I am referring to also in the trailer I made) the whole situation is supposed to be scared but the result was kinda of fun (cheap special effect), still pretty weird though.
Overall, the movie is pretty solid, you have martial arts and a little of history. If you just don’t care about the history part (like me), you will have fun with the action stuff.

Some snapshots from the original dvd:

venerdì 8 giugno 2012

Holy Robe of the Shaolin Temple (木棉袈裟)(1985)

 Holy Robe of the Shaolin Temple (木棉袈裟)
Dir: Siu Ming Tsui
Cast: Rongguang Yu , Dalu Yu , Xiangdong Xu , Qiuping Lin, Qiuhua Wu, Qin Chen
Plot:  Ming dynasty, the shaolin temple is accused of riots against the government. Qi Tian Yuan (Rongguang Yu), an officer from the gov, is sent to the shaolin temple to take over. After the defeat of the old master , Tian Yuan and the army begin to kill all the monks. Luckily, some of them managed to escape the massacre and run away with the Holy robe, which Tian Yuan needs in order to take over the temple…
Year: 1985
Country: Mainland China / Hk 
Trailer (edit by me from the original dvd ):
Notes:  The movie is released in China on dvd by Da Sheng company, it does carry both English and Chinese trad. subtitles, both are burned it (the souce is probably from HK or TW) and mandarin audio. The movie was also released in USA with Cantonese audio (as stated in Amazon, I do not own this version).
The director, Siu Ming Tsui, directed other martial arts movies such as The Buddhist Fist (1980), The Rats (1973). His career was almost HK based with just few co-operation with China.
Rongguang Yu, on the other hand, started his career with this flick and then he managed to act in so many movies both in China and HK (for ex. Red Fists (联手警探)(1990), Iron Monkey (1993) and so on).  
As far as I know almost all the cast were martial artists also in the real life, some even champions of wushu. Rongguang Yu, if I am not mistaken, was just a really good acrobat and he picked up MA skills in a very short time. Impressive !
Personal opinion:  What a gem! I didn’t know what to expect from this flick, never I thought it was DA BOMB!
Even though the plot is pretty traditional, the action scenes were just top notch. Thanks to the skills of the cast (girls and boys) , the movie is packed with superb fights and training sequences. For example I loved the training sequences at the Wu Dang mountain and in the Shaolin Temple, excellent showcase of wushu stuff.
Also the music was great! You gotta love the song played as background of the training sequences.
Overall the movie is awesome. Ok the story is meh, the love story is meh as well, but who cares about those things when you have Wushu campions on screen? Nobody!  Just go and pick it up, you will not be disappointed!
Some snapshots from the original dvd:

lunedì 28 maggio 2012

Branch Road Hero (歧路英雄)(1994)

Branch Road Hero (歧路英雄)
Dir:  Rui Wang
Cast: Rong Chang , Changyuan Li , Bingyan Yan, Fan Liu , Xia Ma, Dekun Yang, Yongming Liu
Plot:  Countless HK dollars and a rotten dead man body are flowing upon the sea area between Shenzhen and HK. Authenticated nu Shenzhen policemen, all the HK dollars which flow from HK are fake . SZ police immediately inform HK counterpart and require cooperation to solve the case.
Year: 1994
Country: Mainland China  
Aka: 英雄血
Trailer (edit by me from the original dvd ):
Notes:  The movie is released in China on dvd by Super sense audio & audio Reolutinon (oh yeah that’s what is said on the cover of the dvd). It does not carry any subtitles so, unless you know some Chinese, the movie will be hard to follow.
The director, Rui Wang, started his career with an action movie called Bloody Fight On Tianshi (血战天狮号) and his last action film was the one I am reviewing.
Ron Chang, on the other hand, had a pretty long career with movies such as Meeting of the two heroes (双雄会), Deadend of Besiegers (1992), 'Ming wang xing' xing dong (“冥王星”行动), Sword Brothers (虎兄豹弟). The beautiful Bingyan Yan, according to the, just acted in this flick (what a beauty guys...).
Personal opinion: After a long break, here I am again reviewing another flick from the big red China.
The glorious 90s, a time long gone in both China and HK... well, that’s how things go anyway, our life continues.
This movie is a traditional drama/crime, a genre really popular in HK during the 80s and 90s, a kind of cinema that the mainlanders liked a lot.
The plot is not new if you are into HK flicks: we have a rape and we have revenge, we have bullet ballet, we have fights, we have explosions, we have drama as well.
The rape scene is short and you don't see anything but everything that comes before that is pretty obvious (humiliations, swearing, beating).
I really liked Rong Chang acting, really convincing, especially when he gets angry, he shows the rage every men would have in this kind of situation. And his martial skills are pretty good too.
Anyway, let’s talk about the action scenes. Those are just a few and pretty short as well, but I gotta admit that even though they were not really good, I was cheering for Rong Chang (lol) the whole time.  In the final fight there are a lot of explosions, pity that some were just useless/fake, for ex. the bad guys shoot something on the ground, and this thing explodes, or Rong Chang is running and something explodes without reason.
Overall I was not disappointed by the movie, the action was meh is true but I liked the rest of it, the drama and the vengeance was great. It’s a pity that it is not released with subtitles because it would be worth a try also for people with no Mandarin knowledge.
Oh and before I forget, in Luo Wei‘s room there were a lot of posters of western and Chinese movies. One caught my attention: a really big one, behind the bed. On it some Chinese characters that were saying: Italian blah blah. And I said to myself: Italian?! What the hell was that movie?!? So I asked my girlfriend and we found the original Italian title… another surprise: Bonnie e Clyde all'italiana (1982)! A movie with Ornella Muti and Paolo Villaggio! The movie was released in China at the cinema dubbed in mandarin! Unbelievable…
Some snapshots from the original dvd:

domenica 27 maggio 2012

It's coming..

...a new review is coming soon.
I 've been pretty busy recently and not really in the mood for action flicks, but trust me sth is coming..
Hope some of you are still checking this blog once in a while.

venerdì 13 aprile 2012

Red Fists (联手警探)(1990)

Red Fists (联手警探)
Dir:  Guo Baochang
Cast: Rongguang Yu , Yuzhou Hong , Yanli Zhang , Jing Ning , Chunhua Ji , Yiu-Wah Kwok, Xiuyun Guo, Han Wang
Plot:  Countless HK dollars and a rotten dead man body are flowing upon the sea area between Shenzhen and HK. Authenticated nu Shenzhen policemen, all the HK dollars which flow from HK are fake . SZ police immediately inform HK counterpart and require cooperation to solve the case.
Year: 1990
Country: Mainland China  / HK
Trailer (edit by me ):
Notes:  The movie is available in China on dvd with English subtitles as well (along with simplified and traditional Chinese).
This is the only action movie directed by Guo Baochang. The cast , on the other hand, has plenty of experience both in HK and Mainland. We have Rongguang Yu who started his career with the movie Holy Robe of the Shaolin Temple (木棉袈裟) and lots lots of movies in HK (Project S, A Gleam of hope). Then we have the beautiful Sharon Kwok who starred in movie like Ghost Busting and Lethal Panther 2. Back to mainland China we have the great Chunhua Ji who started his career with one of the best movie ever made (for me): The Shaolin Temple (少林寺)(1982). From that movie on he starred in plenty of movies both in China and HK.
Personal opinion:  Some days ago I had some free time and I decided to watch a movie. I wanted some action from the east and I ended up watching this coproduction between the red land and HK.
The plot is pretty simple and classic, nothing to scream about.
To be honest the action scenes were kinda of dull, not something you would remember. I was hoping for more punches and less shooting, I guess I was wrong.
Rongguang Yu was fine but I was expecting a pretty exiting duel between him and Chunhua Ji, instead I got just 5min of basically nothing (moreover they speeded up the fight so it wasn't that great).
During the movie there are some funny dialogues (the one I liked the most was the one about dog meat between Rongguang Yu and Chunhua Ji) regarding mainland China and HK.
Overall the movie is not that bad, but it’s not that good either. If you are really into this genre (like me) and you don’t want to skip any movies, give it a shot. Otherwise, leave it. 

Some snapshots from the original dvd:

giovedì 5 aprile 2012

Bloody Gambling Hell (生死赌门)(1992)

Bloody Gambling Hell (生死赌门)
Dir:  Xian Li
Cast: Han Lei, Deyi Liu, Guoqiang Qu, Chiyu Yang, He Zhang, Xu Zhang
Plot:  Based on the “红黑阵” novel, the movie is set in the old Tianjing. Hou Qinyu,Mengcheng Zong and Wu Tai grew up together. Meng has an addiction to gambling, and because of it he got arrested and committed suicide. 20 years later, Hou becomes a millionaire and adopts Meng’s son. His elder brother lost all his money during a game (红黑阵) and the same evening he tries to steal a piece of paper/contract from the casino, unfortunately he got stopped and tortured. Hou Xuemeng in order to save him, agrees to become the new “shen xian” ()..
Year: 1992
Country: Mainland China
Trailer (edit by me ):
Notes:  The movie is available in China on dvd and without english subtitles (only Chinese simplified or traditional available).
Xian Li’s only example of .this kind of movie. The actors/actresses who actually performed every martial arts sequence are unknown to me.
Personal opinion:  I bought this flick because of the title, really catchy but was it worth my money? Actually, it was. The story is pretty interesting, about a game I‘ve never heard of till last night (although I doubt it really exists): people had to bet on the red or the black.50% you win, 50% you lose.
Some scenes were gruesome, for example during a game, a lot of people kept losing and one of them just bet his own hand (you see the guy cutting his hand off), pretty heavy for a Chinese flick.
The action is just awesome and fierce, great stunts and great kicks. There are two main sequence were people actually beat the hell out of each other, long ones, nice ones.
Although it might sounds boring (most of the movie is just a drama) , this flick just got into me, I couldn’t stop watching it, the game just got me.
Give it a shot.

Some snapshots from the dvd :

sabato 31 marzo 2012

New flicks coming!

I just ordered a bunch of mainland flicks from the 90s.. can't wait to get them.
Some are co-productions between HK and China some are 100% chinese ( lol ).
So my next update will be........

giovedì 8 marzo 2012

Eight-diagrams Lotus Palm (八卦莲花掌)(1987)

Eight-diagrams Lotus Palm (八卦莲花掌)
Dir:  Zhongming Liu || Shida Ma
Cast: Guoli Zhang, Hui Dong, Jun Lu, Zhenbang Ma, Weimin Jin
Plot:  One day the young martial artist Xiaogang encounters a fierce tiger in the forest.Luckily he was saved by an old man. Wang Lan, the kid's mother, is sure that the move used to kill the tiger is the lost "Lotus Palm". The woman begins to rememebr her past life with two boys and a master. Is it possible that the old man is her long lost lover and friend?
Year: 1987
Country: Mainland China
Notes:  The movie is available in China on dvd and vcd, both without english subtitles. The movie is also known as "A lost skill".
This is the only martial art movie directed by these two directors. Guoli Zhang is a really famous tv actor here in China and , as far as i know, this is his old kung fu flick. Jun Lu also stared in Kung Fu Hero Wang Wu (大刀王五).
Personal opinion:  Gotta admit this: I was disappointed by the movie. There is too much drama and not much kung fu. The story is told through flashbacks, but the pace of the flick is too slow. I lost interest in the story in less than 30min. The action scenes were pretty awesome but the whole movie was really uninteresting. 
To be completely honest with you, only 20-30min of it are worth your time.Wanna skip it? Do it. Ah, btw, the fight with the tiger at the beginning is hilarious (something similar to Game of death 2/Tower of death)
Some snapshots from the dvd :