giovedì 28 ottobre 2010

Where to buy

Today we're not going to show you any movie, we want to spend this post to tell you where to buy legit releases from China.
We know that China provides lots and lots of bootlegs (just search on ebay and you will see), but you should know by now that China provides legit releases too (look on the right collumn of this blog).
The first, and the more famous website is ,of course, yesasia. Its catalogue is huge but mainland releases are overpriced. For example a dvd/vcd that costs 30yuan in China/HK (yes, you can find mainland releases also there), yesasia's price is sth like 10US$. On the other hand, buyoyo keeps low prices or at least reasonable.
Another website where you can find official mainland releases is , here you can find some gzbeauty releases (only dvds) but their prices kill any deal. They ask sth like 17US$ for a dvd!! Please do not buy from them.
Besides these 3, we have also sensasian . We had some problem with this website but still, they have some chinese releases. Be aware of bootlegs though.
Now let's talk about chinese mainland websites. The mighty three are:
The prices there are the current market's. So cheap prices and cheap shipping as well. The only problem is that you need to know/read chinese. We made a guide for some years ago (you can find it here: ), it mights help you.
As far as ebay is concerned, you need to be really careful. A lot of sellers from china (or america) sell just bootlegs or grey zone discs. So keep your eyes widely open, if you'r not sure about what u'r buying, don't buy it or at least first check the chinese websites we provided you.

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