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Swordsman in the Royal Court (王府刀客)(1990)

Swordsman in the Royal Court (王府刀客)
Dir: Shimin Ji, Zhongmin Liu
Cast: Yang Zhao, Qing Tao, Yao Lu , Tienan Hao, Weimin Jin, Yin Liang, Yuanguo Xu
Plot:At the end of the Ming dynasty, the young emperor, crafty and fawning in holding the power, is trying to collude and injure the good people, as result a massive revolt took place..
Year: 1990
Country: Mainland China 
Trailer (Edit by us (source Official Mainland vcd)
Notes: The movie has been released in China on vcd by GZ Beauty.As far as the directors are concerned, they just made one more martial arts flick called Suo ming fei dao (索命飞刀)(1991). About the cast we can tell you that Yang Zhao starred in Swords Meet (天下第一剑)(1988), Qing Tao starred in Jiang hu ba mian feng (江湖八面风)(1991),Tienan Hao starred in Blood Stains on Qiufeng Tower (血溅秋风楼)(1989), and Yuanguo Xu also starred in some other martial arts movies, such as Godly Beggar (神丐)(1987) and On the escort road (少侠奇缘)(1988).
Personal opinion: We have not entirely watched the movie yet, but from what we saw the martial arts sequences are pretty good [female heroine inside!!! just love her] but be awared that wires work is pretty have to choose if they suit you or not, to us they are fine since we are used to wuxia movies & co. . We suggest you to watch the trailer we made, it might helps you choosing whether this movie fits you.
Some snapshots (source: official mainland vcd):

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