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The Disclple Of The Shaolin Temple (少林寺弟子)(1983)

The Disclple Of The Shaolin Temple (少林寺弟子)
Dir: Jiyou Yang
Cast: Lan Ding, Hong Jin, Jianguo Nie, Yi Cui
Plot:The theatrical troupe of the Hong family ,which earns money thanks to their daughter Cai Yun,reach Kaifeng's temple in order to perform in front of the prime minister. Because of the beauty of the girl some troubles accured and the theatrical troupe's head gets wounded and a brutal attack begins...the girls got rescued by Li ZhongZhou, and took at the Shaolin Temple where the training and revenge begins...
Year: 1983
Country: Mainland China 
Notes: The movie has not been released on any legit dvd/vcds in Mainland China but in the US has been released by Tai Seng on dvd (english dubbing only). On the "picture story-book" there are some english subs so we assume that the original movie has traditional chinese/english burned in subtitles. The director just made two flicks ,this and a war/drama movie called The Marquis Guan Yu (1989), nothing else. The cast in the other hand did some remarkable martial arts flicks: Lan Ding starred in Shaolin Temple (1982) and its sequel Kids from Shaolin (1983) and  Lucky 13 (侠女十三妹)(1986); Jianguo Nie starred in Generals Of The Yang Family (1984), a war movie. Discipline Of has been shown on the chinese channel CCTV6, pity there is no legit edition available yet. The movie is also known as Shaolin Brothers.
Personal opinion: Since there is no mandarin language legit release (we don't like dubbed stuff) we still have to watch it, as soon as we catch this movie on CCTV we re definitely going to watch it. As far as we can see from the "picture story-books", the movie seems worth our time, the martial arts sequences seem pretty well-made..check it out if you have the chance.
Here the original Chinese 16mm:
Some scans from our books (they are more rare than stills/snapshots):

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