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Kung Fu Hero Wang Wu (大刀王五)(1985)

Kung Fu Hero Wang Wu (大刀王五)
Dir: Yu Lianqi
Cast: Ge Chunyan, Wang Xiaozhong, Zhao Changjun, Ji Qilin, Wang Hua
Plot: Last years of the Qing Dinasty, the fight between Ci Xi and Guang Xu becomes more fierce every day. The 5 broadsword kings (大刀王五) , former bodyguards, seek warriors for an uprising..
Year: 1985
Country: Mainland China 
Notes: The movie is available on dvd in China with chinese subtitles. The dvd release comes along with a poster. Yu Lianqi directed only this kung fu movie, his other works are just dramas. Zhao Chang Jun is not new to this kind of movies, he also starred in New Fang Shiyu (新方世玉)(1984). Wang Xiaozhong starred in A Mysterious Heroine (奇情侠侣)(1988) and other kung fu/action flicks. The movie seems to be released in VHS in some western countries dubbed in English.
Personal opinion: Another movie that must be seen. From what we saw the movie offers everything a kung fu fan usually looks for: an interesting plot and great martial arts. This flick has both. And you won't be dissapointed by the cast, they know how to make a fight worth it. It's gonna be in our collection soon..
Some snapshots (source: official mainland dvd):

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