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Red Revenge (红姑寨恩仇记) (1988)

Red Revenge (红姑寨恩仇记) 
Dir:  Ji-shun Duan
Cast:  Mingming Zhang, Hua Zhu, Dahua Xiong, Min Tian, Xiujie Liu, Jian Li, Ruolei Liu, Zongluo Huang, Gengchen Jiang
Plot:At the end of the Ming dynasty,the government authorities were corrupt, the people have no means of livelihood. Hong Gu (Mingming Zhang) at the Guo Jia acrobatics center finds out the her grandfather has been chased to kill, fortunately the kind heart son of an high official rescue him from danger. But the danger is still there,waiting to strike against them again....
Year: 1988
Country: Mainland China 
Notes: The movie has not been released on any legit dvd/vcds in Mainland China (only broadcasted on CCTV).  As far as the director is concerned, He just directed this martial arts movie, his other works are just social dramas. The cast more or less is the same, Mingming Zhang just starred in this martial arts flick,her other works are nothing like it. For Hua Zhu, Red revenge is the only kungfu movie he starred in; Ruolei Liu starred in some war movies against he japanese. Overall none of them made through the martial arts film industry.
Personal opinion: Well since there is no legit release, we still have to watch it, but as soon as we get in China things will change (thx cctv!). From the really few informations we found on the net ,Red Revenge seems an ordinary martial arts flick. If you guys have some other infos feel free to post them!
Another official mainland poster:
A still found on the net:

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