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Deadly Fury (武林志)(1983)

Deadly Fury (武林志)
Dir: Zhang Huaxun
Cast: Zhang Yungxi, Li Junfeng, Li Deyu
Plot: This movie is about China's martial arts, integrety, prestige but not violence. Dongfang Xu (Junfeng Li) has ambitions, he wants to protect chinese honor and he doesn't care about his life or his death. He will try everything to defeat the Russian wrestler.
Year: 1983
Country: Mainland China 
Trailer (Edit by us (source Official Mainland dvd)
Notes: The movie has been released in China on dvd and vcd by GZ Beauty,both of them doesnt carry any subs. Like other movies from that period of time, also "Deadly Fury" was pubblished in some kind of books. These books are called Lianhuanhua, it can be translated as "picture story-book" and they tells the movie through pics (directly from the film) and a small text that describes the scenes. Especially for this flick there were a lot of versions, we have one of them (you can check some pics on our memorabilia post and below).

Personal opinion: We discovered this movie browsing randmonly on some chinese websites. Then we searched a lot on the web and we found out that it was available on dvd. We can tell that it's another little gem that must be discovered by every kung fu fan. The martial art scenes are very good and the story is interesting. Junfeng Li had a role in another kung fu flick called Lucky 13 (侠女十三妹)(1986). Everything works great here, and if you are like us and you want to see what Mainland Kung Fu movies were back in those days... check it out!
Some scans from our books (they are more rare than stills/snapshots):

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