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Woman Anti-drug Fighter (缉毒少女)(1992)

 Woman Anti-drug Fighter (缉毒少女)
Dir: Shi Xian
Cast: Wang LiSha, Pang Yan, Yan Dake
Plot:Settled in the 30s, an ethnic minority leads are into smuggling opium, murderers and drugs. A military group decide to eradicate this group, so they started to burn down lots of opium and ambushed lots of criminals,but something goes wrong and revenge is the only result....
Year: 1992
Country: Mainland China 
Notes: The movie has not been released in China yet, just some screening on cctv et simila. As far as the director is concerned, Shi Xian made a martial arts flick 2years before Woman Anti-drug Fighter called  Tiger Fight (夺虎连环计), and some other flicks which are not worth mentioned. The cast is not that famous either..we have Wang LiSha who starred in Robber in Baling (巴陵窃贼)(1987) [martial arts], the other two mentioned in the credits just made some flicks that nobody is interested in.
Personal opinion: Another movie that didn't get released anywhere in the whole world, another movie we want to see so badly.Maybe just because it's so unknown and the story line seems qute interesting, but from what we saw on the internet would be worth our time.
Some snapshots (source: mainland screening):

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