martedì 2 novembre 2010

Murky Shadows Over the Gorges (峡江疑影)(1985)

Murky Shadows Over the Gorges (峡江疑影)
Dir: Li Qimin
Cast: Sun Jianming, Zhang Xiling, Wang Xiuping, Yu Dalu, Cui Yi
Plot: Set during the final years of the Qing Dinasty,the movie is about the Alliance Society (同盟会) which led the resistance...
Year: 1985
Country: Mainland China 
Trailer (Edit by us (source Official Mainland vcd):
Notes: The movie is available on vcd in China thanks to the GZ Beauty company. The movie was screened in West Germany back in those days. This is the only kung fu movie from direcotr Li Qimin. Sun Jianming starred in movies like Wu Dang (武当)(1983) and Legend of the nanling mountain (南岭传奇)(1988). Most of the cast starred in some mainland kung fu movies.
Personal opinion: What a movie! Truly a instant classic! The kung fu is top-notch both during training sessions and fights. You can't get bored by this flick. The final fight with the two girls and the bad guy is awesome. There are some wires involved (especially for some jumps) but nothing that ruins the realism of the scenes. Moreover the set is beautiful, the landscape is absolutely gorgeous. There is nothing that doesn't work here, the cast knows what to do (their filmographies talk for themself) both in acting and fighting. If you are really into martial arts movie, you ought to see this one.

Some snapshots (source: official mainland vcd):

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