lunedì 6 dicembre 2010

Hei Xia Diexue Ji (黑匣喋血记)(1986)

 Hei Xia Diexue Ji (黑匣喋血记)
Dir: Shuhuang Zhong
Cast: Han Zhikai, Wen Xitai, Zhang Anji, Tang Junliang,Li Xiaoyan
Plot: During the 1911 Revolution's eve, the Qing dynasty carried on a brutal repression against the revolutionary political party. The Wuchang revolutionary political party send the martial artist master Jin Biao to Guangzhou to take back Sun Wen, who has the Huang Xing's plan for an armed uprising. Nan Guiying will protect Jin Biao during his journey..
Year: 1986
Notes: The movie has not been released in China yet, just some screening on cctv et simila. It got a dvd released in Spain with the title "El Misterio de la Caja Negra" with spanish audio only. This is the only martial art flick from Shuhuang Zhong.  It's also the only movie for actress Li Xiaoyan. Wen Xitai had a role in another martial art flick called "Magic from Highland"( 少林达摩,1990). In our memorabilia post you can find another poster with more pics.
Personal opinion: Another traditional kung fu flick from the big red land. The martial art sequences are helped with some wired but nothing really annoying. We felled in love with the poster once surfing the web, we tried to find as many infos as we could but it wasnt that easy. We know that the movie was screened in west germany back when it was divided. We think it deserves a better release than the spanish one, it has everything a martial art fan can ask for. You won't be dissapointed.
Some snapshots (source: mainland screening):

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  1. This movie was screened in East Germany, not in West Germany. It was called "Das kleine schwarze Kästchen" (The little black casket)

    1. Our mistake. Thanks for the correction :)