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Jiang hu ba mian feng (江湖八面风)(1991)

Jiang hu ba mian feng (江湖八面风)
Dir:  Mei Hu
Cast: Xiaoyi Chen ,Yue Che ,Bide Yan , Qing Tao,Hou Liansheng, Hou Shuang
Plot: The story is about southern Ming king Zhu Youlang, after succeed to the throne,encountered numerous Qing dinasty's armies so he was forced to escape. Hong in order to protect Zhu got seriously wounded, Zhu abandoned him to his destiny. His daughter, Hong Su Mei, in order to get revenge begins her journey to kill Zhu. Wu Sanli and Xia Laohu also want to arrest Zhu because of a reward on his head. Unfortunately, Zhu succeed to escape from Hong Su Mei and Xia Laohu attack. After few years Zhu meet Wu Sanli again..
Year: 1991
Country: Mainland China 
Notes: This movie has been released on vcd from Gzbeauty in Mainland China (no subs). No other releases are available.The director ,this time is not a man but a woman. She directed the new movie about Confucius (孔子)(2010) with Chow Yun Fat, but before that she directed another action movie called Gunshot in the city (都市枪手)(1992). Yue Che just starred in some movies but the only martial arts related is this one. Hou Shuang started her career here, luckily she made another kungfu flick (already reviewed here) called Suo ming fei dao (索命飞刀)(1991). About Hou Liansheng, his first martial arts flick was Sins in the wutal mountains (五台山奇情)(1989).
Personal opinion: Another flick about revenge. Well, revenge is more or less the main key of each martial arts movie, so nothing new. The ma scenes are really well made both with weapons (swords) and with just bare hands/kicks. We couldnt watch the entire movie yet, but as far as we saw,we won't be disappointed (come on, a heroine in a movie? surely worth our time!).
Some snapshots (source: cctv):


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