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Zhong ming han shan si (钟鸣寒山寺)(1991)

Zhong ming han shan si (钟鸣寒山寺)
Dir: Yanlin Tang
Cast: Lifeng Gong , Jing Liu ,Zhongliang Wang, Lisa Lu
Plot: The story takes place during the end of the Ming Dynasty. Wu Jiang, a county magistrate, has an alliance with some bandits, in order to share the loot they kill innocent people. During a robbery of a ancient treasure , he killed a couple of merchant (husband and wife), their daughter is rescued by a knight and ,after 10 years, decided to take revenge on the bandits and the corrupted magistrate.
Year: 1991
Country: Mainland China 
Notes: This movie has not been released in China in any legit format. We dunno if it was released in any western country, but we doubt it. A year before this movie, the director directed another martial arts flick called Five Heroes of Tianqiao (五虎闯天桥),then nothing else worth mentioning. About the cast, it seems that nobody make it through the martial arts films industry.
Personal opinion: Unfortunately we still have to watch the full movie, but it 's already in our wishlist once land in China. We got interested in this movie after watching some clips on the net. Moreover ,the fu scenes seem to be really well made (some wires are still involved). The story is still about revenge, but, frankly speaking, who cares? Although the story sounds quite typical, it's not a problem for us.After all, the story is not that important in such movie.
Some snapshots:

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