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The Young Hero Of Shaolin 2 (新方世玉 续集)(1986)

The Young Hero Of Shaolin 2 (新方世玉 续集)
Dir: Wei Hui Feng
Cast: Baohua Shi , Hongmei Zhang , Zhizhou Li , Yongxia Chen, Lam Chuen , Kejuan Xie , Gongjin Zhou, Qin Xiao , Weiming He, Mingyuan Cai , Shuren Lv, Jielin Ma, Biji Chen , Xiangsheng Chen, Yuwen Li , Jialin Ji , Feng Gao
Plot: Fong Sze Yu is back in action, and in one of the most incredible martial lion dances ever to be screened, he thwarts the enemies of Shaolin. (sorry but this time the story is taken from the web)
Year: 1986
Country: Mainland China / HK
Notes: The movie is available on dvd in the UK by Soulblade. The print is remastered but the language is wrong, the movie should have been in mandarin and not in cantonese (as a matter of fact, there is a scene where they sing that it's still in mandarin). Wei Hui Feng directed a lot of kung fu movies so he's not new to the genre fans. Baohua Shi (the guy who plays as Fang Shiyu) didnt make it in the film industry. On the other hand Yongxia Chen (Miao Cuizhen in the movie) had a long career in the mainland kung fu film industry with movies like Golden Dart Hero (金镖黄天)(1987) and Godly Beggar (神丐)(1987).
Personal opinion: We don't own the first movie of "The Young Hero Of Shaolin", so we don't know how is the prequel, but this "Young hero of shaolin 2" is just priceless! The training and fighting sequences are amazing, all the cast's performance were really good. We are sure that this flick is known among kung fu fans (thx to the release in the West), but for us was a great surprise. The scenes involving the "golden formation" are awesome, we've never seen such a battle (although a little bit confusing).
You gotta have this in your collection!
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