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A heroine in melon-shed (瓜棚女杰)(1985)

A heroine in melon-shed (瓜棚女杰)
Dir:  Wang Yi
Cast: Lin Quan ,Zhang Jiumei ,Xu Dongfang ,Yan Bici ,Niu Shijun
Plot: 30s, Liushao Qing (Niu Shijun) and her daughter Mei Zi are chivalrous people.
Mei Zi (Lin Quan) has always been very skilled in martial arts. She likes Wu Lian (Xu Dongfang),the school teacher of her village, but she doesn't want to express her feelings because she's afraid of the consequences. She wears around her neck a copper lock with an inscription on it "The fire avoid water". She's fire, he's water..Once she discovered a human trafficking boat where she rescued a beautiful girl named Hua Sanchun (Zhang Jiumei). Keeping her love for herself, Mei Zi arranged the wedding between Hua Sanchun and Wu Lian..
Year: 1985
Country: Mainland China 
Notes: This movie has not been released in China on any legit format (and as far as we know, the same goes for western countries). The director made two other kung fu flicks: Robbers in Bailin (巴陵窃贼)(1987) and On the escort road (少侠奇缘)(1988). It seems that none of the cast made other action flicks (Xu Dongfang was involved with some war movies, no worth mentioning).
Personal opinion: This unknown movie from China is more a drama than a action film. From what we saw on the net, the main focus of the movie is the story between Mei Zi and Wu Lian. Dont get us wrong, there are some martial art scenes and pretty well made too (some wires are involved though),but dont expect a 90min of just pure action or u will be dissapointed. The final shodown is awesome.
Some snapshots (source: cctv):

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