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Never Give Up (死不回头)(1992)

Never Give Up (死不回头)
Dir: Hao Pang
Cast: Wenying Dongfang, Shuchao Ma, Daijun Yu, Tiehai Zhou, Jin Zhang, Zhenrong Wang
Plot:A family company's storehouse blow up into ashes. As soon as the police woman officer (Fang Fang) arrived to the scene,she caught the guy (Zhang Wei Yan) who detonated the bomb and Fang Fang's young brother also arrived in order to be the on-the-spot reporter ...then the story begins... The company manager sells fake wine causing some death around the city and the ruin of the Wei Yan family fortune. Besides losing the fortune his younger sister got her face disfigured cause of an incident occured some times before. Zhang decided to take revenge...and lots of companies started to burn down into pieces...but the final result is just handcuffs..
Year: 1992
Country: Mainland China
Notes: The movie has been released in China (GZ beauty) on vcd. As far as the cast and director are concerned, the director itself just directed this action movie; in the other hand Wenying dong Fang starred in a some kind of action flick called Revenge in the great world (复仇大世界)(1989) ; Shuchao Ma starred in a historical gunfight called Shooting from behind (枪,从背后打来)(1987); Daijun Yu instead starred in 2 more action/kung fu flicks, one called Bloody Brothers (欲霸天下)(1994) (HK/China) and the other one is called Shaolin Kung-Fu Kids (笑林老祖)(1995) (HK/Taiwan).
Personal opinion: Haven't watched it yet so we can just comment on what we saw on the internet. Seems a quite good movie,maybe nothing to scream about but most probably worth our time. Of course we're going to buy it since the vcd is available in the red land, no questions ask! If you have the chance to watch it ,or you already did that, please feel free to leave a comment!
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