venerdì 10 dicembre 2010 and the Mummy (李阿毛与僵尸)(1940) and the Mummy (李阿毛与僵尸)
Dir: Xiaoqiu Zhen
Cast: Manhua Zhou, Huang Feng,Jianong Gong,Na Meng,Guangzhao You
Plot: During a night, Miss Tang ,while playing outside in the hotel garden, runs into a vampire (jiangshi), Mr. Li tries to find out if it's real or not. Then he finally found out the truth, originally that place was a gold mine..
Year: 1940
Country: Mainland China
Notes: This movie has not been released yet in any format in China (legit or not). Nothing is available on this movie but the poster above.
We think this is the first vampire (jiangshi, and if you don't know what a Jiangshi is..well shame on you and go check the famous Mr Vampire (HK) saga) from mainland China (and maybe in HK and TW as well). Unfortunately,as we said above, there is no chance to watch it. We dont know if the original film is still available in China, although some older movies have been released on dvd/vcd.
Maybe you are asking urself why we put this 40s movie here in this blog.. well, we love jiangshi movies and when we found out that in the 40s there was such a movie in China,we wanted to share it with you.
We dont know if it will be released any time soon, so we can just admire the poster...for now.
PS: this is not the only horror movie from China (pre-45)

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  1. Fascinating find! Thanks for sharing the poster and the information.

  2. We'd like to watch this flick but,as we said, it won't happen any time soon :(