sabato 16 luglio 2011

Death at the Carefree Mansion (索命逍遥楼)(1990)

Death at the Carefree Mansion (索命逍遥楼)
Dir: Wenhua Li || Ni Li
Cast: Guoqiang Huang, Fengyi Yang, Chi Wang
Year: 1990
Country: Mainland China
Notes: The movie is released in China on dvd by GZ Beauty (without subtitles). carries it. Fengyi Yang (the girl in the movie) just starred in this and in another kung fu flick (Loyal Hero (1992)). Guoqiang Huang starred in a lot of action flicks (for ex: Death Inn (1988), The Flying Ratman (1990)). Same goes for Chi Wang (The Magic Legs (1988), Disciples of Shaolin Temple (1985)).
Personal opinion: When we bought this movie we didn’t know anything about it. Was it a good flick? Was it awful? Didnt know back then. Last night we finally watched it and… damn if it was good. The action scenes were outstanding, with and without weapons (swords, flames, spikes, etc) the actors knew how to put a show. As far as the acting was corcerned, We must admit that the actors were pretty weak, they were not that good. Sometimes the impression was like they didn’t even want to be in the movie. The plot is pretty interesting and with a lot of surprises (We never expected that…… we will not spoil you anything), So: the story works, the martial arts scenes work.. what else could you ask for? Check it out!
Some snapshots (from the original dvd):

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