martedì 13 novembre 2012

A pool for all of you!

Here I am with a new post.
It`s not a review because I didn` t have time to watch any movies recently, but it`s a pool.
I put down a list of movies I have here with me and I give the chance to choose the next movie to be reviewed.
Movies are provided with English and Chinese title and poster.
Here we go:

1) 东方美女 Eastern Beauty (1989)

2) 大上海1937 Great Shanghai 1937 (1986)

3) 醉鬼张三 Legend Of The Drunken Tiger (1990)(the trailer I made is still available on youtube)

4)中俄列车大劫案 The train robbers (1995)

 5) 天国恩仇  Betrayal and Revenge (1986)

You can post a comment here or send me an email .
The deadline is in 2 weeks.

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