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Bloody Gambling Hell (生死赌门)(1992)

Bloody Gambling Hell (生死赌门)
Dir:  Xian Li
Cast: Han Lei, Deyi Liu, Guoqiang Qu, Chiyu Yang, He Zhang, Xu Zhang
Plot:  Based on the “红黑阵” novel, the movie is set in the old Tianjing. Hou Qinyu,Mengcheng Zong and Wu Tai grew up together. Meng has an addiction to gambling, and because of it he got arrested and committed suicide. 20 years later, Hou becomes a millionaire and adopts Meng’s son. His elder brother lost all his money during a game (红黑阵) and the same evening he tries to steal a piece of paper/contract from the casino, unfortunately he got stopped and tortured. Hou Xuemeng in order to save him, agrees to become the new “shen xian” ()..
Year: 1992
Country: Mainland China
Trailer (edit by me ):
Notes:  The movie is available in China on dvd and without english subtitles (only Chinese simplified or traditional available).
Xian Li’s only example of .this kind of movie. The actors/actresses who actually performed every martial arts sequence are unknown to me.
Personal opinion:  I bought this flick because of the title, really catchy but was it worth my money? Actually, it was. The story is pretty interesting, about a game I‘ve never heard of till last night (although I doubt it really exists): people had to bet on the red or the black.50% you win, 50% you lose.
Some scenes were gruesome, for example during a game, a lot of people kept losing and one of them just bet his own hand (you see the guy cutting his hand off), pretty heavy for a Chinese flick.
The action is just awesome and fierce, great stunts and great kicks. There are two main sequence were people actually beat the hell out of each other, long ones, nice ones.
Although it might sounds boring (most of the movie is just a drama) , this flick just got into me, I couldn’t stop watching it, the game just got me.
Give it a shot.

Some snapshots from the dvd :

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