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Lucky 13 (侠十三妹)(1986)

Lucky 13 (侠十三妹)
Dir: Qitian Yang || Toru Murakawa
Cast: Lan Ding, Bozhao Wang, Cunzhuang Ge, Qun Wang, Junfeng Li , Chongfei Shao ,Yongan Ma , Bangyu Zheng,Mei Yuan
Plot: Qing dynasty,He Yufeng (Lan Ding)'s family has been murdered. He Yufeng goes to train in the mountain in order to get vengeance. Here the master will give her the name of "十三妹" (Shisan Mei)..
Year: 1986
Country: Mainland China
Notes: The movie is released in China on dvd by Gzbeauty (no subs at all). The movie was also released in Japan on Vhs . The main actress Lan Ding was really popular in China back then, she had roles in movies like "The Shaolin Temple (少林寺)(1982)", the famous Jet Li's movie. Well, her career also started with that flick. Then she got involved in movies like Disclple of shaolin temple (少林寺弟子)(1983)   and Kids from Shaolin (少林小子)(1983) with Jet Li. Her popularity took her to have a role in the series The Dream Of Red Mansions. About the Chinese director he was also one of the writer.
Personal opinion: You know how much we like movies with heroines, right? It’s just love! We regret that it took us so long to watch this one. Our bad..
Well, let’s talk about the movie. The plot is always about vengeance, so nothing new. What about the choreography then? It’s awesome. Lan Ding is excellent in her role as heroine and her skills are pretty good. The wires are used for some jumps and in one particular scene: the temple’s.
Here we have the heroine against a lot of weird stuff: fire, water (!!), flying objects, flying weapons, acid, fireworks (eheh),etc. This is the only scene were the special effects have been used. The quality of them are so and so, but looking at the year of the movie and the country, well, they tried their best we guess.
Anyway, during the training sequences there is something that recall the Jet Li’s training in his famous “The Shaolin Temple”. Do you remember that in that movie you see Jet Li training during the 4 seasons, right? Well, in “Lucky 13” (awful translation..) you see our heroine who is training in the same way. You see her taking water in spring, autumn, winter and summer (if we are not mistaken, 3 seasons for sure though). A nice touch, don’t you think so?
But Lan Ding is not the only one good at kung fu, we have her friends who show us what kung fu is about, and of course the villains.
In conclusion, we just loved this movie. The actress was perfect in her role (and soooo cute, loved those eyes), the MA is pretty solid and the movie never get boring. Check it out if you have the chance.
Some snapshots (from the original dvd):

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