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The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter (五郎八卦棍)(1990)

The Eight Diagram Pole Fighter (五郎八卦棍)
Dir: Gangyu Du
Cast: Bruce Leung, Kwan Hoi, Kong Do, Jo-see Wong, Wong Hap
Plot: Song dynasty, Liao's soldiers invaded China. During an ambush Fifth brother (Bruce Leung) is separated from his brothers/sisters. Wounded, he got picked up by some monks and took to their monastery. Here he wants to improve his kung fu to get revenge on Liao..
Year: 1990
Country: Mainland China / HK
Notes: The movie is released in China on dvd by Boing! (with English subs too). It stars the famous Hsiao Liang, Kwan Hoi, the mainlander Zongxiang Guan (Mysterious Buddha) and Jo-see Wong.
Personal opinion: Not to be confused with the SB classic, this HK/Mainland China co-production is a mix between fantasy and a kung fu flick. We have special effects (pretty basics), wire works, people who flies and such. We have also classic martial arts showcase. The monks training was awesome, to be honest it was the best part of the movie. The final showdown is really short and not really worth it in our opinion.One thing we really disliked was..the fights! Beside the normal ones, a lot of fights are speed up, too much speed up! This choice just ruined them..
Some snapshots (from the original dvd):


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