lunedì 7 gennaio 2013

Change is what I need.

Hello everybody.
I am writing this post to say good bye to everyone.......

............. ahahah no no just kidding.
New year new changes. As I said before its difficult for me to watch a movie (gf doenst like em, no time,...) so i decided to make a change to the blog.
I m still uploading stuff but no reviews.
From now on, everytime post would be like this:
-info (staff,plot,etc)
I will have some exceptions, but most of the case would be as stated above.
I m sorry for everyone who wanted only reviews but, honestly, I cant make it. If I do that, it would take forever to update this blog.
I will still provide some good info about movies and staff, dont worry about that.
Well, thats about it. I gotta go to work out and then to work.
See ya soon....very soon, trust me.

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