domenica 21 aprile 2013

The End

Hello guys,
I am really sorry to tell you this but... the blog is done for good.
Last week I lost everything freakin files I had on my harddrive, all my movies are gone and cant be recovered.
Basically, every movie I had for this blog are gone and I cannot find them again.
I was hoping to come back and write some more reviews but now, no chance...
I dont know if you are sad but for me it is a pretty damn sad day...

...i dont know if i ever come back to update this blog/utube with new clips or whatsoever.. we`ll see what the future will bring to me...

f*** *u** **c* ***k!

mercoledì 6 febbraio 2013

Happy New Year (Snake)

Spring Festival is coming and my blog will be on hold for a week or so.
Once I come back I will upload something else.
Cheers and beers folks!

domenica 27 gennaio 2013

Betrayal and Revenge (天国恩仇)(1986)

Betrayal and Revenge (天国恩仇)

Dir: Zhou Kangyu
Cast: An Yaping, Fang Jian, Liu Liehong
Year: 1986
Country: Mainland China
Plot: 1864, the Taiping revolution failed. The Taipings managed to escape but ,betrayed by a fellow member, their general died by the Qing army. His son and some others survived and ,after several years of training they, with the help of another Taiping group, went seeking revenge against the Qing army and their traitor.
Notes: Zhou Kangyu is also the director of "A narrow escape (仇中仇)(1990)". An Yaping , on the other hand, took part in a bunch of action/martial art flicks such as Arhats in Fury (八百罗汉) and Uniqeill Of Cangzhou (沧州绝招). I m not sure about the year of the release, chinese websites state 1986, western websites state 1985. Anyway 1 year is not a big deal.

lunedì 7 gennaio 2013

Change is what I need.

Hello everybody.
I am writing this post to say good bye to everyone.......

............. ahahah no no just kidding.
New year new changes. As I said before its difficult for me to watch a movie (gf doenst like em, no time,...) so i decided to make a change to the blog.
I m still uploading stuff but no reviews.
From now on, everytime post would be like this:
-info (staff,plot,etc)
I will have some exceptions, but most of the case would be as stated above.
I m sorry for everyone who wanted only reviews but, honestly, I cant make it. If I do that, it would take forever to update this blog.
I will still provide some good info about movies and staff, dont worry about that.
Well, thats about it. I gotta go to work out and then to work.
See ya soon....very soon, trust me.

lunedì 24 dicembre 2012

Merry xmas folks!

I wish you all a merry xmas!
I gotta work today but tonite i might have time to watch a movie... yeah, no kung fu though..the classic xmas movie ever: Home Alone.

I know that blog updates are rare but I am pretty busy, and watching a movie is a luxury that recently I didnt have. Moreover, my gf doesnt like this kinda of movies...
Lets hope it will get better.


giovedì 13 dicembre 2012

New arrivals!

I have been pretty busy recently.. my dad coming over, my own stuff and my job. Damn, I m tired!
But that`s not the reason I m writing this post... the reason is that I got some new stuff in my collection.
2 posters and 1 VHS.. oh yeah I found a guy with lots of videotapes and he has some really interesting/rare stuff.
Let`s start with one poster.

Massacre in Nanjing (屠城血证)(1987)

 The movie is about the Nanajing Massacre. I didn`t have the chance to watch the movie yet but it`s been released on dvd so, one day I will pick it up.

And now let`s show you my gems. I recently got the luck to buy the original vhs and poster of one of my favorite movie of all the time: Little Heroes (自古英雄出少年)(1983). Here we go:

I am so freakin happy to own those. The movie is just awesome and I was looking for that poster for a long time.
Like them? I sure do!

martedì 13 novembre 2012

A pool for all of you!

Here I am with a new post.
It`s not a review because I didn` t have time to watch any movies recently, but it`s a pool.
I put down a list of movies I have here with me and I give the chance to choose the next movie to be reviewed.
Movies are provided with English and Chinese title and poster.
Here we go:

1) 东方美女 Eastern Beauty (1989)

2) 大上海1937 Great Shanghai 1937 (1986)

3) 醉鬼张三 Legend Of The Drunken Tiger (1990)(the trailer I made is still available on youtube)

4)中俄列车大劫案 The train robbers (1995)

 5) 天国恩仇  Betrayal and Revenge (1986)

You can post a comment here or send me an email .
The deadline is in 2 weeks.